182 Sycamore Ave, Ohio

Rental Policies


The Credit Card number is to insure the full performance, including a rental payment, of the terms of this agreement.  Sypherd Cycles, LLC may apply or retain any or all of the compensate if for any damages it suffers as a result of the customer’s breach of any provision of this agreement.

The customer represents that he/she has inspected the rental equipment and finds it to be in good condition except as noted.  The customer agrees to make no alterations to the rental equipment and will return the equipment in he same condition as when customer received it, In the event the equipment is damaged or in disrepair upon return, regardless of fault, customer agrees to reimburse Sypherd Cycles, LLC for any and all necessary and reasonable repairs, including replacement of equipment.

The customer represents that customer is a licensed driver, at least 21 years of age, and that the vehicle will be used in a safe and prudent manner in accordance with all instructions on the equipment.

The customer certifies the he/she has been instructed and trained in the use and maintenance of the rental equipment and has full knowledge of the operation of the vehicle.

Customer agrees not to sublease the rental equipment without the express written consent of Sypherd Cycles, LLC, or allow any other person to operate the equipment unless specifically identified in writing to Sypherd Cycles, LLC.  Customer agrees not to assign this agreement.

Sypherd Cycles, LLC and its employees retain the right to take possession of any rental equipment at any time for being used in an unsafe or inappropriate manner.  Observation of unsafe or inappropriate behavior will be unconditionally the opinion of Sypherd Cycles, LLC employee.  No refund of rentals fees will be issued by Sypherd Cycles, LLC, for any rental equipment repossessed from rental customers.

Lessee agrees to rent the equipment for the length of time stated on the rental agreement.  If lessee retains the vehicle after expiration of lease, such retention shall be construed of the lease and all term and conditions shall remain in effect.  Lessee agrees to pay a $50.00 assessed late fee and extra rental rates incurred.

Sypherd Cycles, LLC shall not be liable for any damage or injury to customer or any other person occurring during the term of this agreement, and customer agrees to indemnify and protect Sypherd Cycles, LLC and their rental agents, officers, directors, successors, employees and assigns from any and all liabilities, loss damage, injury, claim, demand, penalty, cause of action, costs, expensed and attorney fees of any nature arising from the use and operation of the equipment, whether arising from customer or anyone claiming through customer and any other person or entity whatsoever.